Use one system to organize and manage all your event data!


We know how complicated it can be to organize an event, but we can help make it an easy, step-by-step process. Should you get stuck during the planning process or have any questions, please contact our team. Give TicketNinja a try and see how to make your events stand out!

Back to the basics!

Without the basics, there is no event. TicketNinja lets you manage all your basic information without any external systems. All you have to do is enter the information, assign it to your event management team and then you are ready to start welcoming visitors.

First impression

Why attend your event? Let potential participants know here. Drum up interest, emphasize event buzzwords and let potential participants know why they should not miss your event.


Enter the event venues and TicketNinja will automatically pin them to a map so that participants can get directions to easily find them.


Make it easy for your participants to get to know the speakers. Create a separate profile for each and every speaker including their company information. You can also upload photos or link their social media information and all their programs will automatically be linked to their profile.


Introduce your programs and assign speakers and venues to them. You can set the number of available seats and add a waiting list where interested visitors can sign up to. If a seat becomes available, the next person on the waiting list gets in automatically. You can also set various waiting-list priorities to different tickets. Waiting lists can also be prioritized on based on the tickets.

Consumer products

Would you like to give other items to your visitors beyond just the experience? Whether you offer a meal, a conference package or promotional gifts, you can use TicketNinja to manage who gets what! Set different items for different types of tickets. Managing different lunch menus has never been easier.


Thank your sponsors for their support by displaying their name and logo. TicketNinja not only provides them with a space on the event landing page, but also lets you organize them based on the type of sponsorship. It is also possible to link sponsors to programs so visitors can view them while browsing the programs.

You can accept sponsor applications via the landing page. TicketNinja allows you to easily see and accept the sponsor applications which can be entered by category.

Through the web page you can accept the application of sponsors. You can see and accept the application of sponsors easily, and we also support it with application forms by categories.

Create a homepage for your event!

When organizing an event, a unique Web page is not a luxury, but a necessity. TicketNinja allows you to set up a mobile-friendly landing page by simply entering some basic information about the event. The page will be aesthetically pleasing, easy to modify and navigate, and encourage potential participants to purchase tickets. In other words, it does everything a landing page should.


Did you know that since 2017 more users access the Internet via a mobile device than using a PC or laptop? Don’t lose your visitors because of a clumsy landing page that is not mobile-friendly. Impress them with a responsive landing page that provides them with a positive user experience throughout.


Are you organizing an international conference where multiple languages are spoken? Create your event in English and German and your landing page will appear in these languages as well.

Customizable design and content

TicketNinja has many settings that let you customize your page quickly and easily. Not only can you add a header and change the fonts and colors on your landing page, but you can also customize content for each section and use an HTML editor to tweak it further.

Customized domain

Have you come up with a catchy name for the event? Are you looking for a long-term solution for which it is crucial to build your brand? Give your landing page a customized domain name or, if nothing else comes to mind, just let your page appear as a TicketNinja sub-domain.


For multi-day events, suggest the best accommodation to your participants. If you co-operate with the nearby hotels, you might even get a commission if visitors book the room via your page.


Supply your visitors with as much information as possible. The FAQ module of TicketNinja lets you upload countless number of questions and answers.

Tickets and registration

TicketNinja helps you easily create different types of tickets and set the parameters for the registration process. You can assign programs to the tickets in TicketNinja so that while checking the ticket you can decide if the given visitor is eligible to participate in the given program.


Figure out the combination of programs that sell the most tickets and create an unlimited variety of tickets. You can set different sales-periods to different types of tickets so you can easily make use of “early bird” and “last minute” periods. On the booking interface your visitors can see ticket sales in real time allowing them to know when to buy tickets for themselves or others using the group-ticket sale option. You can also put leftover tickets on sale offline, on-site. Assign different greeting packages to different types of tickets or allow your visitors to choose from various lunch menus. TicketNinja makes managing all aspects of tickets sales easy and straightforward.

Sale periods

Because TicketNinja supports parallel ticket sales periods, it is easy to create “early-bird” or “last minute” ticket categories.


Would you like to speed up sales with periodic sales? With the help of TicketNinja’s coupons you can assign a global discount to each and every ticket and you can also categorize the tickets along with the coupons. At the end of the sales period, you will be able to see what types of coupons were used for the different types of tickets.

Program registration

When the sales period is over, program registration starts. However, it can also be set to start during ticket sales. Nobody will miss it, because TicketNinja automatically sends a reminder to everyone who bought tickets. During this period your visitors can browse programs in the calendar and register for programs that interest them. Changes can be tracked in real time on the program registration interface so visitors can obtain the last available places. You can assign automatic program registration to certain types of tickets – visitors with this type of ticket can participate in the program without registering. You can limit the number of programs to choose from for any ticket type in order to avoid too many people registering but not participating in the program.  The number of those who registered for the program can be viewed real-time so everyone can see if there are available places for the event. Those who would like to register for a sold-out event can add their name to the waiting list from where the first in line always automatically secures a place when one becomes available. You can also set priorities for the waiting list (e.g. for those with VIP tickets).

Visitor profile

You can allow your visitors to create their own public profile or they can remain anonymous if that is what they prefer.