Manage admission and see all your data in real time!

Access control based on eligibility, or check-in with an own admission applications and real-time statistics so that you can always see actual data.


After weeks and months of organizing the event itself is the ultimate test of your work. If it goes well, you are rewarded. In order for this to happen all you need is good staff, and the fact that you can see and manage the entire organizing process. TicketNinja helps you with an exclusive app running on smart devices and an extensive amount of on-site features.

Access control!

Simply use our admission control system if you want to know the number of visitors that participated in your event or you want to see which program turned out to be the most popular. The app can be easily downloaded to your phone or tablet and you can check the eligibility of participants in just a few seconds. Admission is possible using QR codes.

QR Pass

Each and every one of your visitors own their own QR code that provides all information needed: What sort of ticket have they bought? Are they eligible for consumer products and if yes, have they already used that up? Are they on the waiting list of any programs? The printing of this rather informative QR code on a QR pass can be easily managed one by one or for all the participants at once.

NFC card

Admission by a single touch! That is what NFC card is about. With the help of our card-writer especially developed for TicketNinja, you can create an NFC card used for identification in a minute. Moreover, it could be even quicker: based on previously filtered visitor lists, card writing for groups is also possible, therefore in case of larger groups arriving at the venue at the same time, card writing will not take more than a couple of minutes.

Check-in or access

From the list of current programs the administrator chooses the one they are currently responsible for and by reading the NFC or QR code the application indicates if the visitor is eligible to participate in that program or they are just on the waiting-list. Administrators do not only see the given program where they are controlling admission, but they can choose all the programs from the list: then all visitors are granted access who purchased tickets for at least one program of the event. The check-in function of the application allows access without checking eligibility but registers the data of visitors.

Keep it simple!

TicketNinja has developed a special mobile-application for admission with the help of which it is easy to check the eligibility of the given visitor.

Mobile application

Using TicketNinja’s mobile application, access control will be quick and easy! The personnel in charge of access control simply has to choose the program from the list which he or she is working at, and with the help of QR code they will be able to see if the given visitor has permission to enter the program. The “Checkin” feature of the application provides the possibility of allowing access without checking permissions (i.e. in case of free lectures) but still record visitor data. When developing the mobile application, we also kept security in mind: each and every admission point has a different PIN code known only by the colleague responsible for that given site, therefore the possibility of misuse is impossible. Ok, but what if there’s no internet at every access point? Well, our guess is by now you know that this won’t be an issue for TicketNinja. After syncing with all of your event info, the admission controlling system is able to work in offline mode. Each time it finds network, it will automatically update all newly registered data, so all vital information is up-to-date. When using online mode, you can see all latest statistics and data in the application; therefore you can follow up on the list of visitors and available seats without being at the actual site. Through TicketNinja’s application, you can easily manage the allocation of meals and gifts without using printouts or confusing excel sheets.

Device rental

Do you like the comfort of our the mobile application? If you do not have enough tablets or mobile devices for each entrance point, you can rent all the necessary hardware from our company for the time of your event. One less thing to worry about.

See your results clearly!

Would you like to be always well-informed? Do you want to know how many tickets were sold, who have registered for your programs, how your income is changing or would you like to follow-up on everything? With the help of TicketNinja you can do all these and in the end you will clearly see the indicators without spending time on analyzing diagrams.


Are you interested for how long a session managed to engage the attention of your visitors? With our system you can see when visitors left the program and then you can draw useful conclusions for your next event.

Live statistics

Live statistics are seen on the admin interface of TicketNinja, which makes following up the number of present or absent visitors a piece of cake.

Exports and reports

Create detailed and exact statistics about your event. TicketNinja let’s you export all the data from our application. Some of them are: visitor data, ticket sales, waiting lists, etc. If you do not want to bother with exporting but you would need some reports, the system is able to help you. You can download reports about your income, availability, ticket sales and gifts.