Sell your tickets and issue invoices online!

On-and offline payment methods, automatic invoicing and effective marketing tools for increasing visitor conversions.


It is not enough to organize a good event, tickets have to be sold, too. The key to achieving this is to make ticket-selling technically easy and trouble-free for your customers. Also, you have to apply powerful marketing solutions. Luckily, TicketNinja has your back in both areas.

Payments made simple!

You can decide how to manage payment, as TicketNinja offers you and supports various payment methods. By enabling online payment, every step is automatic, including the registration, transfer payment, invoicing, etc.

Online payment

You decide how to get payments done. TicketNinja currently supports PayPal and SimplePay accounts, but we keep extending our list of available services. Enabling online payments will automate the ticket purchasing, registration and invoicing processes, even when only transfer payment option is selected.

Cash payment

Cash payment option is available in case of online and on-site purchase as well. Based on the orders, we collect the items to be paid on the account of the visitor. Tickets will only be activated after the payment is fulfilled.

Transfer payment

Using SimplePay enables transfer payment to become completely automatic. The system credits all payments, therefore there is no need to follow up manually. In case of traditional transfer payment our system automatically sends transfer data information to visitors. It is possible to pay for each unpaid item on site by cash.

Automatic billing

Either you love it or hate it, invoicing is a must. But one by one, manually? Never! Don’t worry, because an invoicing system can be integrated into TicketNinja, therefore online ticket purchasing becomes entirely automatic, which, of course, includes invoicing as well. You do not have to worry either in case of transfer or on-site payment: the invoice can be issued by a click of a button.

Group payment

TicketNinja has thought of those who would like to buy multiple tickets through one transaction. With the option of “Group registration” a single person is enough to arrange buying tickets and going through each step of registration, while all the others receive only e-mail notifications about the process.

Onsite sale

Even those, who missed buying tickets in advance can attend the event, because TicketNinja supports on-site ticket selling (with various payment methods) and registration for programmes.

Be the king of marketing!

Reaching, channeling attendees and tracking conversions can be tough, especially when your platform does not support these. TicketNinja offers a vast number of possibilities to make these processes smooth and effortless.

Necessary communication

As a participant it is always frustrating to not receive any information about event details after registration. TicketNinja helps you send event information easily and professionally. Participants continuously receive notifications via e-mail about their event to-do’s, all in accordance with their language preference settings (Hungarian, English or German). Would you like to notify your visitors when there’s a change in plan? No problem, you can send direct notifications to your participants via e-mail or text messages. Would you like to hear or know more about your visitors? TicketNinja lets you set different questions to different tickets, which then can be answered by your visitors. Thus you can easily get valuable information about your attendees.

Social media

It is easy to reach end users through social media, especially if the system you use for event-organization supports it. The links shared by the landing pages which were generated by TicketNinja automatically contain the meta tags used for social ads, therefore by a simple link-sharing you can provide a professional Facebook appearance for your event. You can make the Facebook profile of your speakers available with a click, so that your visitors can get all pieces of information they need to make their decision in a comfortable way.

Further marketing tools

If Facebook is not enough for you and you would like to measure conversions, you have found your place! With Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel (both provided on TicketNinja’s admin interface), you can utilize the most amount of possibilities lying in Facebook ads and you can measure various factors in the meantime.