Cookie Policy

1. Scope of the Policy


The present policy includes the rules on information suitable for directly associated to or identifying users (personal data), which are collected from the users by cookies, pixel tags, local shared objects, web storage and other similar technologies for Szintézis-Net Ltd.

The present policy shall not alter the privacy policy, rights and obligations therein are not amended or changed or cancelled.

By using the services of Szintézis-Net Ltd, the user consents to the use of the technologies described in the present policy to collect both personal and non-personal data and to the storage of information on the device or web browser of the user as described in the present cookie policy. Some of the cookies described herein shall only be installed on the user’s computer with the explicit consent of the user.


2. What kinds of analytics and cookies do we use?


2.1 Cookies

A cookie is a piece of information that is placed on the user’s web browser when accessing and/or using the services that stores text and which can later be read back by the services or third parties. Cookies are used to recognize the browser and the user as unique.

Cookies are session cookies or persistent cookies, they last only for one browser session or continue on the browser until they are affirmatively deleted. Cookies can be managed through the web browser’s option settings.


2.2 Pixel Tags

A pixel tag is a small tag or graphic element placed on certain parts of the services or other websites, in emails or in certain other downloadable content, but not on the computer, mobile device or browser of the user, except if the user downloads the content that contains such tags.

Pixel tags do not store information on the computer, mobile device or browser (although they are occasionally downloaded if contained in an email or other downloadable content) so cannot be managed except by deleting the content in which the tag is contained.


2.3 Local Shared Objects

The “local shared object” is similar to the cookies, but it is stored on the computer or mobile device, and not in the browser, and may contain more than text. The control of these need modes different from cookies.

These are stored by the computer or mobile device, and can be managed individually.


3. The purpose of using these technologies


3.1 Basic aims

Szintézis-Net Ltd. uses these technologies to provide services, as part of this activity, e.g. using cookies helps to route traffic to effectively distribute workload to servers. The purpose of some of the technologies is to better measure the needs of our users, to further develop our service, to provide personalized content and a better user experience. These cookies are only available to the user with the consent of the user.


3.2 Measurement of performance and analytics

These technologies are used by Szintézis-Net Ltd in order to monitor services and analyze user activities. Placing cookies helps to forward user requests to servers and measure time of responses, A/B test new features; to record statistics about site usage; and to track the places from which you come to the Services.

Szintézis-Net Ltd. may also use third party cookies to collect information about visitor behavior on its services for the performance measurements and analytics purposes, including Google Analytics, Hotjar and Mixpanel services. Opt-outs for this third party service provider can be managed at their service websites.

Cookies of these purposes shall only be used with the explicit consent of the user.


3.3 The proper functionality of the web page

Use of these technologies makes possible to provide certain functionality on the services and to remember preferences of users. For instance, when clicking the “remember me” box on log in page we place a persistent cookie on the browser that allows the service to pre-populate username when return, while others include remembering preferences (such as language and location preferences), preventing web application vulnerabilities.

Without placing the cookies serving the website functionality, the page could not work properly, so we do not ask for the user’s consent to place these cookies. If you do not want these cookies to be placed, leave this web site.


3.4. Deleting cookies

Cookies placed on our site are stored on your computer so you can delete them at any time. To delete cookies, use the following tutorials: Mozilla Firefox Browser (, Google Chrome Browser ( ).


4. Aims of use of these technologies by other entities

Most of the cookies and other technologies described above on our Services are set by Szintézis-Net Ltd. (own cookies) or are used in connection with the services and set by third party service providers at our direction (third party cookies). Occasionally, Organizers may use similar technologies on their event pages for one of the purposes set forth above.