I want to know everything!

All the functions in one service…

Webpage, schedule, sales, marketing, access control… and this is only the beginning!

I want to know everything

TicketNinja is a complex system that supports the entire process of event organization. With the help of TicketNinja, even the most complicated event is going to be easy to organize, because you will only need to use one interface to manage information, marketing, selling, the follow-up and all you need to plan a successful event. TicketNinja is the product of young developers of a dynamically developing IT company. The creators are committed to the system they made, and they are not afraid to fulfill any wishes our customers might have. We also provide non-stop support for our system users, not leaving you stranded when you need help or have questions.


We know how complicated it can be to organize an event, but with our help it is going to be a straightforward, pleasant experience which you can manage step-by-step. In case you get stuck during the planning process, or you have any questions, please contact our team. Have a go and try TicketNinja!

Back to basics!

  • First impression
  • Venues
  • Speakers
  • Programs
  • Consumer products
  • Sponsors

Unique website

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Multilingual
  • Customizable design and content
  • Customizable domain
  • Accommodation
  • F.A.Q.

Tickets and registration

  • Tickets
  • Sale periods
  • Coupons
  • Program registration
  • Visitor profile


It is not enough to organize a good event, tickets have to be sold, too. The key to achieving this is to make ticket-selling technically easy and trouble-free for your customers. Also, you have to apply powerful marketing solutions. Luckily, TicketNinja has your back in both areas.

Simple payment!

  • Online payment
  • Offline payment
  • Transfer payment
  • Automatic billing
  • Group payment

Be the king of marketing!

  • Necessary communication
  • Social media
  • Marketing tools


After weeks and months of organizing the event itself is the ultimate test of your work. If it goes well, you are rewarded. In order for this to happen all you need is good staff, and the fact that you can see and manage the entire organizing process. TicketNinja helps you with an exclusive app running on smart devices and an extensive amount of on-site features.

Access control!

  • QR pass
  • NFC card
  • Check-in or access

Keep it simple!

  • Mobile application
  • Device rental

See your results visibly!

  • Track exiting
  • Live statistics
  • Reports