TicketNinja is your perfect companion for organizing and promoting events

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TicketNinja is your perfect companion for organizing and promoting events.

Organizing events in three steps!

If you’re looking for a service that contains everything you need to organize a successful event, then you are in the right place! TicketNinja is a comprehensive solution for event organization developed by IT and event organization experts. With the help of TicketNinja you can sell tickets, create a program calendar, manage registration and control access based on eligibility. But this is only the beginning. Come and explore the possibilities of TicketNinja!


Provide details about your event, create various types of tickets, and your event landing page is ready to go!


Use the integrated marketing tools of TicketNinja and sell all your tickets with automatic invoicing.


Facilitate admission, give away promotional gifts and view all information in real-time!

6 functions of TicketNinja you are going to love

We developed and are constantly updating our solution based on real market needs. Our aim is to facilitate the work of event organizers by offering a solution that is both comprehensive and user-friendly. Here are some examples of the most popular modules:

Ready-to-use landing page

The solution offers a mobile-friendly landing page with an invoicing and payment system along with integrated marketing tools. All you have to do is to provide the main parameters and the landing page will be tailored to your event.

Various types of tickets

You can create as many types of tickets as you need and assign as many fixed or optional programs to the tickets as necessary.

Streamlined invoicing

You can invoice automatically or manually, online or at point of sales. Do it as you like, the system integration is designed to work smoothly for any scenario.

Customized calendar

Your participants can register for programs based on the tickets they purchased and add them to a personalized calendar. This way you will know who to expect at which event.

Mobile application

You can see everything all at once: ticket sales, admission, financial status, current number of visitors, etc. The application makes the management of admission easy both online and offline.

Various languages

Use the convenient language modules (currently English and German) to tailor your interfaces (landing page, automatic e-mails, etc.) for international events.

What sort of event are you organizing?

We know all too well that every event has its own requirements and have taken this into account when developing TicketNinja. Let’s check out some of these functions:

Start-up event

Managing multiple venues and programs, access control, networking, sponsor appearance and coupons. With TicketNinja you can even organize your first event like a pro.


Organizing conferences with TicketNinja is straightforward and easy. Different programs can be based on the type of tickets, accommodation offers, ticket sales, and access control.


Manage available seats and waiting lists, detailed speaker profiles, social media integration, group ticket sales and automatic invoicing and fill your venues with ease!

Sporting event

TicketNinja allows you to offer free tickets, on-site registration, and manage events and also offers “I want to be a volunteer / sponsor” functions.


Create exhibition mobile applications, set sales periods, access detailed analytics and statistics, and manage group purchases. TicketNinja has everything you need for organizing a successful exhibition.

Free event

Organize high-quality free events with free tickets, registration questions, and a landing page with sharing functions.

Let’s get started!

Want to give TicketNinja a try? Contact us and we will provide you a demo version and answer all your questions. There is no obligation to buy.

Events with TicketNinja

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TicketNinja partners

TicketNinja currently supports multiple invoicing systems and the list of available services is ever-growing.  Please contact us regarding invoicing systems and available partner discounts.